#fpstories – A call to action for financial planners

Octo Members
23 October 2020

Alan Smith, CEO of Capital Asset Management wrote on twitter about the need for financial planners to tell their stories. How planners deal with people first and policies and plans much later.

With so much bad news peddled about financial services by the media and the uninformed he has, in effect, issued a call to action, on getting stories about helping clients.

In this video interview he explains exactly what we need. As a community and as a platform designed from day one to allow practitioner publishing we felt we could help. We will therefore act as a point of contact and as the secretariat for this hugely important initiative. We will collect and collate the stories via a dedicated email address stories@octomembers.com to help Alan with his call to action.

Its important to make clear that we are acting as the secretariat and lending resources, this is not about Octo, it is about the objective and we are more than happy to help. So, if you have a client story in you please do send it in and we will collate with the others. For those of you who are less confident in your writing skills, we are even willing to have one of our staff writers give you a helping hand.

Go on, share your stories of just how much care you take with your clients.


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