3500+ pioneers and pilgrims

Octo Members
24 November 2020
3500+ pioneers and pilgrims
Big announcement: A new team member joins Octo

Will you be joining us at ProgPlan23?

Octo Members
1 February 2023

Will you be joining us at ProgPlan23? Here’s a wee…

The Inaugural Nick Cann Award for Progressive Planning

Octo Members
29 September 2022

Nicola with the inaugural Nick Cann Award for Progressive Planning…

Progressive Planning Event ticket update

Octo Members
22 August 2022

A 90-second view.    All of our at-venue tickets have…

Progressive Planning Event – 8th September

Octo Members
1 July 2022

Progressive Planning Event // 8 Planners // 8th September 2022…

Debating the crucial issues

Octo Members
27 December 2021

Discourse, discussion, and deep insights into the topics that our…

Weekly Round-Up to 16th December ’21

Octo Members
20 December 2021

Merry Christmas As we head towards the last week before…

Weekly round-up to 10th December ’21

Octo Members
10 December 2021

Another work-from-home order is all a bit depressing so we…

Weekly round-up 26th November

Octo Members
26 November 2021

So as Storm Arwen begins to blow in with real…

Weekly Round-Up 19th November

Octo Members
19 November 2021

Heard the latest? Marketer David Butcher  provided a provoking insight into the…

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