• Is there a charge to be a member?

    No it’s entirely subscription free.

  • Is my private data secure and will it ever be shared?

    We deliberately built a private social network to ensure the highest levels of data integrity.

  • Is it like LinkedIn and Facebook?

    No, it’s a private network with no ads, journalists or recruitment firms.

  • What’s your commercial model?

    It is a privately owned limited company financed by the founding directors. It is free to members but R&D is funded through sponsorship packages.

  • Who is welcome as a member?

    Financial advisers, paraplanners, wealth managers and platform and product providers.

  • What content can members expect?

    Uniquely, we derive content from members (User Generated Content), sponsors (fund and product providers), curation (the best of external contributors) and Octo itself (proprietary video and podcast).    

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UK financial services professionals and those interacting in a professional capacity with financial services are invited to request to join this private community