Weekly Round-Up 19th November

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19 November 2021

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Marketer David Butcher  provided a provoking insight into the “readability” of investment management thought leadership articles. By sampling content from award winning providers in the fund industry, the findings suggested that articles were typically too long and little more accessible than formal academic papers. Given the scarcity of time many people have, these offerings not only need to be shorter in overall length but they would also benefit from being less complex. The full report is here https://www.communicationsandcontent.com/research/

but David has promised to share further findings with us in the coming weeks. 

In a posting filed on Wednesday, Jupiter offered their assessment of COP26. According to Abbie Llewellyn-Waters, Head of Sustainable Investing and Rhys Petheram, Head of Environmental Solution at Jupiter, they believe that the hope of +1.5C is alive – but only just. Their article provides a useful 10-point list of achievements made by the conference, but concludes that success here will only be possible with true international collaboration. Greenhouse gases – like viruses – care little for borders and there’s still lots to be done.

On Friday, the latest threesixty webinar looked at investment planning when it comes to emerging trends and embedding sustainability in your investment proposition. Questioning whether uncertainty might be creeping back into the market even as the worst of the COVID pandemic seems to be behind us, the session provided the tools to ensure participants couldkeep clients abreast of the evolving ESG proposition. Two sessions ran back-to-back with Schroders covering off those emerging trends, whilst the team at Prudential looked at embedding sustainability in your proposition.

We also saw a fair bit of interest from Octo Members on an article posted up discussing the fact that the new product governance rules – known more commonly as Prod – probably don’t need to feel as scary as many believe. By segmenting or grouping clients, the article suggests it’s possible to build processes and outcomes around shared characteristics which benefit both parties in the transaction. Ultimately, the article urges advisers not to be scared by Prod, centralised investment propositions, research and due diligence. They are all just processes that help you spend more time with clients.

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