Richard Buxton on riding the Brexit ‘roller coaster’ and finding ‘ludicrously cheap’ UK stocks

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5 June 2019

A longer watch. 

In this exclusive video, Merian Global Investors’ head of UK equities, Richard Buxton, talks Sam Shaw through his journey in setting up the company, as well as sharing how he is investing in the domestic market. 

Richard stresses that Merian is never going to be “all things to all people”, but wants to be meaningful in the assets and geographies that it specialises in. There is, he says, no one-size-fits-all approach to making money.

He also covers the ‘tactics and timing’ of buying into UK domestic names, which he believes are at ‘ludicrously cheap’ valuations given the uncertainty around Brexit and sterling.

Among his stock picks, he reveals his conviction in Pets at Home, arguing that while we may have tougher times ahead “people will starve themselves rather than the pooch!”


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