OctoBlast: Oren Kaplan on helping you select funds

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12 August 2019

A 23-minute watch.

Oren Kaplan is co-founder of SharingAlpha, and in our latest OctoBlast interview series, sits down with Andy Brown to talk about the issues with traditional fund selection in such a large global marketplace, and how his firm aims to help selectors sort the wheat from the chaff using the wisdom of crowds. 

With 100,00 funds across the globe to choose from, how do fund selectors know they’re picking funds for the best possible outcome for  clients?

In the past, a big part of fund selection has been manager performance, but Oren restates the obvious that “past performance is not a guide to future performance”, and that analysis repeatedly demonstrates “it doesn’t determine the end result”.

SharingAlpha’s aim is a simple, democratic proposition: getting fund selectors in its community to rate funds and share opinions. The more accurate the predictions, the higher the fund selector is regarded by the platform.

Oren explains through how this works, and is also pressed by Andy on whether individualism is still alive in today’s markets and what role the regulator might have in fund selection moving forward.

Oren also speaks in our 3 Question series.


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