Financial advice: Felix Milton on pushing the regulator to enforce industry-wide charters, and encouraging his peers it’s a ‘rewarding career’

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10 October 2019

A 15-minute watch.

Felix¬†Milton, at 24, is one of the UK’s youngest ever chartered financial planners. Sitting in our coffee booths with Sam¬†Shaw, he talks through the path to qualification, the business proposition of Philip J. Milton & Co., a charitable foundation they’ve recently launched, and getting young people into the industry.

The company was started by his father and Felix has always known he wanted to go into the family business. He chats how he got chartered and why he thinks this will be industry standard ‘in 10 years’.

Also discussed is the charitable foundation the business recently launched, with its primary objective around financial education, how he goes about encouraging peers into the industry, and the benefits of roboadvice and where ‘challenger banks’ may have an opportunity in this regard.

Felix also appears in our 3 Questions here.


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