Anna Sofat: More on the ‘Are you In?’ Movement part 2

Octo Members
14 August 2019

A short watch.

Video 2 in a series of 3

As we have previously mentioned everyone at Octo is incredibly proud to support the ‘Are You In?’ Movement.  Its aims should the aims of everyone within our sector.  To increase professionalism, to seek out and build upon good practice and to shine the light on bad practice.  The public deserves nothing less.

In this short video, the first in a series we did with the founder Anna Sofat of Addidi Wealth and one of the most prominent and respected advisers in the UK she outlines the aims and objectives and how everyone who cares can get involved.

There is a specific ‘Are You In?‘ Group within the app and you can find it under Groups in the left hand menu of follow the link.  We urge members to consider joining and supporting the movement.

There is also a forthcoming conference and that can also be found under Events in the left hand menu or within the ‘Are You In?’ Group within the app.


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