Lee Robertson: Communities working and learning together

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1 June 2020

A short read.

One of the most obvious outcomes of the lockdown is the raised engagement with our various communities albeit in a virtual, video based way.

Staying connected, working together, sharing experience and also having fun along the way is the current name of the game. Moving physical meet ups, conferences and seminars on-line is proving very successful. More of us are able to attend and across the board greater attendance numbers are being reported.

The thing that stands out for me most is just how collegiate we have become and how we are all so willing to share our experience with colleagues.  From great weekly webinars hosted by Mark Polson to morning commutes by  NextGen Planners to those by our favourite marketers, Faith Liversedge, Jon Pittham and Phil Bray to the Financial Planning Training Academy with Steve Martin and Damian Rylett to The Adviser Gap by Sean Banks and James Mousley to the Para HowWows by Richard Allum and the Para PowWow team to those by The Verve Group  by Cathi Harrison and her team and loads more.

We should be proud of how far we have come and how willing we all are to support, share and improve together. It was not always like this.

This obviously really chimes with us at Octo as it is absolutely everything we are passionate about. We are doing our small bit with an upswing in our production of videos, podcasts and our regular Virtual Drinks on Wednesdays at 5pm.

I have had the privilege of being asked to contribute over the last few weeks to a number of events by some of those I mention above and if you missed them, here is a quick round up in case it is of passing interest.  It may also inspire you to get a little more involved with the other communities if you are not yet aware of them.

‘Always hold true to your beliefs’ My podcast with James Mousley and Sean Banks for The Adviser Gap.

‘Selling to the team…’ My podcast with Steve Martin for the Financial Planning Training Academy.

Thoughts on cyber-bullying and more‘ My quick video interview with NextGen Planners during their excellent Morning Commute.

I chaired a great joint online webinar talking about Business Angels for the rather excellent Home Grown Entrepreneurs Club based out of Home House in London in partnership with The Guild of Entrepreneurs in their Entrepreneurs Series.

I would also mention some of my favourite recent video interviews which include talking to Catherine Morgan about her passion for financial planning on video and Tina Weeks on her journey to becoming a Financial Life Planner in the Adviser Insight series, talking to Brett Davidson on business resilience, Ian Beestin and Aaron Coates of Money Alive on their new secure video email for advisers.

If you haven’t yet watched the excellent discussion featuring Neil Bage, Brian Portnoy and Daniel Crosby you should check out Human Behaviour in Times of Uncertainty.

As ever, all of these interviews and many more can be found in the Video and Podcasts Topic.

Coming up over the next few days we have my interviews with Adam Owen, current President of the PFS, James King of King Wealth Management, Jeremy Woodley of The Fry Group and more.

Of course, there are many other interviews across marketing, technology, investment and our ever growing canon of short helpful videos in The Octo Big Ask series. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far and if you fancy contributing to the community then please just click here.

I would also suggest you keep a close eye on our Events Topic for details of incredibly useful events and webinars by our members.  However, here is a quick round up of some events coming up hosted by members;

The Six Stages of Financial Planning by Steve Martin and The Financial Planning Training Academy.

Addressing the FCA’s concerns about retirement income planning hosted by Ian Beestin and the Money Alive team featuring Rory Percival .

HowWow Online for administrators and client service teams by Richard Allum and the Para PowWow Team.

Active Payback Webinar with Charlie Parker, Eleanor Williams and the Albemarle Street Partners team exploring those managers who have beaten their passive peers.

Uncover your business potential (online) by Brett Davidson for financial planners looking to improve and grow their practices.

Coaching with Behavioural Insight with Chris Budd and Neil Bage.

There are also forthcoming larger virtual events from PIMFA and NextGen Planners  to explore which will deliver masses of value and quality CPD.

So to finish, hope this quick round up helps, lots to keep you involved and interested and long may this spirit of community continue.  Collaboration and crowdsourcing knowledge seems like the only way to go to me.




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