GR8 debate: John Porteous, Group Head of Distribution for Charles Stanley celebrates progress and the talent he sees today.

Octo Members
25 March 2020

A 22 minute watch.  

Lee Robertson was joined for a GR8 debate by John Porteous, one of the deep thinkers in our sector.  John gave his views on how far the profession has come,  how ‘damn impressive’ he considers the young entrepreneurial professionals he sees entering the sector.  He looks at where the industry is going, the communication channels, the skills and the technology that can take us there. He also gives his views on the top themes including ESG talking about how the debate is evolving and considers ways of working with the client now and co creating the solution.  Packed full of stories this interview also talks about the importance of unlocking the stories when working with clients and the power of story telling to convey those difficult messages. In addition he acknowledges those professionals who have made a difference to him and gives advice on where the #nextgen could look for inspiration.


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