Deep Matters: The UK’s biggest fund pickers on value, fees and long-term investing

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4 June 2019

Sit back & relax, a 34 minute watch.

In the latest of our exclusive videos, Gary Shepherd sits down with some of the UK’s most high-profile investors, Bambos Hambi, Dean Cheeseman and Gary Potter, to talk though today’s big issues

Among the topics for discussion is the real cost of outsourcing to multi-asset or multi-manager funds for the adviser. Gary Potter, co-head, BMO Multi Manager, asserts that “far too much emphasis is being placed on the entry cost, and not enough analysis on what you get back after a meaningful investment horizon.”

Dean Cheeseman, multi-asset portfolio manager at Janus Henderson, suggests recent years have been the perfect environment for passives as he warns: “the easy, elevated returns have been made but we are now coming to a different point in the cycle where active is going to become far more important and have a bigger role for advisers going forward.”

Elsewhere in the film, Bambos Hambi, head of fund of funds at Aberdeen Standard Investments, leads the discussion on the macro environment predicting that “we’ve got as good a chance of a rate cut as a rate rise at the moment if you listen to the Federal Reserve’s recent statements,” while revealing his latest asset allocation calls.


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