Amyr Rocha Lima on ‘doubling down on being human’ with clients, and connectivity across tech

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11 December 2019

A 26-minute watch.

Amyr Rocha Lima is CFP and partner at Holland Hahn & Wills, and in this long form interview with Lee Robertson, talks through his business’ approach to its clients, the work-life balance, where momentum is in the profession, and where better connectivity across supporting technologies could benefit the industry as a whole.

As a business, Rocha Lima outlines that Holland Hahn & Wills “strive to achieve excellence”, and have found that what works well, alongside the right support-tech, is “old-school business development”, adding “it’s about doubling down on being human, meeting up with people and being honest”.

He also stresses the importance of the work-life balance with colleagues and clients alike: “We want our clients to live the best life they can, and we want our team to be living the best life they can.”

He points to the “good momentum in financial planning as a profession”, with more advisers seeking deeper financial planning expertise: be that via the CFP qualification, attending conferences, or in niches areas such as pensions.

Rocha Lima also talks on the need for better interoperability between supporting tech which could aid productivity, and create “a system that’s a lot more well-oiled, so that a small IFA with a niche can service a lot more clients, in a profitable manner”.

He also shares his thoughts on “the three tiers of listening”.

In case you missed, here’s Rocha Lima’s 2-minute 3 Questions.


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