Former Investment Quorum boss outlines new plans

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15 August 2018

Former Investment Quorum chief executive Lee Robertson has been appointed to the board of the Association of Independent Non-Executive Directors.

Speaking to Money Marketing, Robertson says he is looking forward to giving back to the industry, following his departure from Investment Quorum, which he founded in 2000.

He says: “It just seems like a nice fit for me to join and I have a lot of respect for the people there and what they are trying to do for the industry. I love helping build brands and companies and I’ve had lots of experience mentoring entrepreneurs.”

The AINED is a non-profit professional body supporting non-executive directors.

Chair Gary Dixon says: “Lee has been a champion of consumer rights for many years and will be helping us to provide our members with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in similar roles.”

Robertson stepped down from Investment Quorum as as part of a full management buyout that sees the advice firm split between new chief executive Petronella West, chief investment officer Peter Lowman, and wealth manager Nicholas Rolf.

He says he will continue to work with the firm for up to five years in a consultancy capacity.

Robertson says he will now focus on a range of new projects “in and around the industry rather than within it”, including independent consultancy and charity work.

He is joining the teaching staff at the University of Westminster’s Digital and Interactive Storytelling Lab masters programme. He has previously worked with students at the university entering the workforce.

He says: “That is part of my pro-bono panel and with my experience I want to give back to the industry and to some young students.”

Robertson is expecting to launch a new London-based technology business venture later in the year. While it will not be related to wealth management, Robertson says it will be within the financial services industry.

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