The Income Debate: Why is this market cycle different?

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14 February 2020

A 5 minute watch

Is the end in sight? What is different about this cycle and what is the future?  Our panel of Suzanne Hutchins, Lead Manager of BNY Mellon Real Return Fund, Kerry Nelson, MD of Nexus IFA and Richard Philbin, CIO at Wellian Investment Solutions answered your questions and discussed the cycle and what that means when it comes to looking for income.

Yesterday we did a round up of the debate so far providing links to all the episodes as well as the full discussion.  Find the episodes and full debate here if you missed the discussion. The debate so far has journeyed through Income for life and managing client expectations, balancing and blending when constructing a diversified portfolio, managing risks, versatility and why it matters, being a patient investor in frustrating times and liquidity.

Tomorrow the panel will be talking about the investment choices out there.


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