The Income Debate: Balancing and blending to build a portfolio that can deliver income outcomes the client desires?

Octo Members
4 February 2020

A 5 minute watch. 

Starting with the clients desired income and capital growth requirements, how does the portfolio manager, the selector and adviser balance and blend to ensure a steady and sustainable income as well as capital growth? What do they look for? Where can it be found and what tools are at their disposal?   

Suzanne Hutchins, Lead Manager of BNY Mellon Real Return Fund, Richard Philbin , CIO of Wellian Investment Solutions and Kerry Nelson , MD of Nexus IFA discuss the approach needed and planning involved in this second part of the Income Debate.

The first part of the Octo Income debate was all about the adviser and client relationship with Kerry Nelson answering the questions about the conversations had with clients to establish their need for income.  If you missed it watch here.  Suzanne separately talked about maximising your toolkit in a low return world. Watch here if you missed it.

Tomorrow the panel will be discussing Managing Risks and we put Richard Philbin in the 3 Questions hot seat to share his views on the current cycle and the fund gating issue.


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